Creon village

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Creon village

Post by Aegonian on Thu Dec 30, 2010 7:14 pm

Thank you for your interest in Creon Village!

- Picture coming soon -

Living in Creon

Creon is the place to go if you have no home, or if you're looking for a nicer place to stay. Currently Creon has four uninhabited houses, which are available for very low prices! In the future, more luxury houses will be built, which will, obviously, be available for slightly higher prices.

Standard houses have a main floor (6x4x3) and an attic (6x2x2). Purchasing will result in having a basement added to your house.
Luxury houses - soon to come -

House type - Price per day - Price per week - Purchasing price

Standard - 8 GD - 40 GD - 1 Diamond block
Luxury - soon to come

(Prices may be subject to change)

During the last update, Creon was inhabited by:

Lyiin (Grand hill house #1)
Ryiin (Grand hill house #2)
Megundan (Grand house #3)

Trading in Creon

Creon is not only the best place to live in, but also one of the best trading spots. Currently Creon has four shops ready to be used, with prices listed below:

Shop type - Price per day - Price per week - Purchasing price

Standard - 2 GD - 10 GD - 2 Gold Blocks

During the last update, these shops were available in Creon:

- Creon Boatshop - Location: At Creon Docks.

Mining in Creon

Creon also features an enormous mine full of resources, which is available to all residents. Guests are currently not allowed into the mine.
Entering the mines costs only 1 GP, but the resources collected can not be kept entirely. Upon leaving the mines, you are asked to empty your inventory in one of the available chests, after which one of the village's Grandmasters will check the chest. If many resources have been collected, some of them may be taken by the Grandmaster.

A mining partner can also be requested. If you enter the mines with a mining partner, presumably one of the Grandmasters, all resources must be shared equally upon leaving the mines.

Exploring Creon

- Soon to come -


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Re: Creon village

Post by thunderpants on Mon Apr 11, 2011 11:20 pm

No longer relevant.

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