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Post by DepressiveChi on Thu Oct 06, 2011 11:13 am

Just realised I haven't done an introduction to me, and my background. So I thought I'd go ahead and make one.

Most people already know me =) I'm verahawk in the server or my Character Eli Derrin =D
Well, I'm a student, I like minecraft, I love roleplay.. Am I missing anything?

I've been around since Infdev/Alpha and have watched minecraft grow over time, playing on various servers, various roleplays and characters etc.

My server history is vast, having been ex-staff on most servers (No worries, I've always made the choice to leave or resign)

Some servers I'm known by: (Ex lead admin, I left after personal issues, and couldn't get to grips with how it had changed, so I left (Still in touch with some of the staff/players from there) (Ex builder, Never much of a staff position, but this server was a defect of lead admin (Whom I actually replaced) to his own server) (Ex-staff from this servers start-up, Still a well known VIP but refused any further staff positions) (My own server (The cyclic IP) Ex-owner, formed various roleplays here) (Ex VIP, Known amongst the oldest players, which are sparse, but left after the server suffered serious downtime (We're talking, they were down for two months+)

Roleplay Experience:
4+ Years on SA:MP (San Andreas Multiplayer)
3 Years on Garrysmod
1 Year on Minecraft

Favorite Biome (Seems odd, but everyone has one they prefer): Tall woods, near the shoreline.

Pursuits: IT, Law, Business.

I also love to write, though I don't tend to make great stories out of them.

Places to find me?:
Steam :: DepressiveChi/PandaBeer/Verahawk/Rookie (I play under these names)
Skype :: Verahawk
ProjectZomboid Forums :: DepressiveChi/BuzzCodeMods
Minecraft Forums :: DepressiveChi
These forums :: DepressiveChi
Minecraft :: Verahawk

Favourite Kinda Music: Indie/Rock/Punk. Here's a good example:

If you're wondering about my sig, It's from an old roleplay where my wife died from a fever. It's parts of a journal. Read just the Italics for an actual look into what happened opposed to what he wrote.

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Post by Sataz on Fri Oct 07, 2011 6:49 pm

Welcome, I'm Sataz, I love minecraft, but I can't play it as much because of all the schoolwork

nice meeting you Very Happy

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