Crew Profile - The Prevox

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Crew Profile - The Prevox

Post by Aegonian on Fri Oct 14, 2011 3:32 pm

Spaceship title:
- The Prevox

Spaceship specifications:
- Type: Aeginian TZ9 Cruiser
-Dimensions: 67m Length, 24m Width, 19m Height (excluding tail, including=28m).
-Wingspan: Variable from 46m to 78m.
-Maximum crew capacity: 23
-Cargo hold (internal): 20x12x7 meters.
-Cargo hold (external): Unspecified
-Maximum take-off weight: Unspecified
-Energy source:
- 4 External Obligen Collens Converter Engines (TZ9 Model)
- 3 Internal Carboverium Generators (TZ9 Model)

Crew summary:

Lyiin Atmaera
-Species: Aegi.
-Prevox Captain, pilot.

Mirr of Creon
-Species: Aegi.
-Prevox Second In Command, pilot.

Meyha Hymos
-Species: Hymid.
-Prevox Assault Coordinator.

Aego of Creon
-Species: Aegi.
-Prevox scientist, medic and engineer.

Huma Nedhi
-Species: Aegi.
-Prevox engineer.

-Unnamed #1-
-Species: Aegi.
-Prevox soldier.

-Unnamed #2-
-Species: Aegi.
-Prevox soldier.

-Unnamed #3-
-Species: Aegi.
-Prevox soldier.

-Unnamed #4-
-Species: Aegi.
-Prevox engineer.

-Unnamed #5-
-Species: Aegi.
-Prevox engineer.

Additional Information:
'Prevox' is the Elithian word for 'Revival': As the crew's goal is to rebuild (or 'revive') the Aeginian Empire, the title 'The Prevox' was a logical choice.

The Prevox is a patched-up Pre-Blast TZ9 Cruiser, which served in the Escort of the Xanafias Dorminicas, where it sustained heavy damage. The ship was being repaired when the Creon Chaos took control of the city, which halted the ship's reparations.
A few hundred Aerii after the Blast, the ship, resting in a ruined garage, was found by Lyiin Atmaera, a survivor of the Blast. During the following Aerii, Lyiin found 9 other survivors, who accepted to help him repair the cruiser he had found. After many Aerii of scavenging for parts, reconstruction begun. Exactly 2000 Aerii after the Blast, the cruiser was ready to take to the stars once more.


"Some seek the destination, others are content with the path" - Lyiin Taemera, great leader of the Aegi

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