Official Elithian Dating System

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Official Elithian Dating System

Post by Aegonian on Sat Oct 15, 2011 11:55 pm

In the Fabula Nova Elithias Roleplay, we use an official dating system, called the EDS (Elithian Dating System).

The start of the FNE Roleplay marks the EDS date '73,891 AA-12', which can also be written as '2000 AB-1': The Blast took place at 71,891 AA-12. It works as follows:

73,891 And 2000 refer to the amount of Aerii that have passed since a certain event: AA stands for After Arrival (so 1 AA-1 marks the date at which the Aegi arrived at Elithia). AB stands for After Blast (so 2000 AB-1 is 2000 Aerii after the Blast).
The '-12' and '-1' refer to Aera (days). For example, 2000 AB-1 is the first day of the 2000th Aerii after the Blast.

My posts in the FNE Roleplay often show the current EDS date, and they are the only way to check the official EDS Date:
Sometimes, a single RL day will equal a single EDS Aera. At other times, a single RL day may equal several EDS Aera, which allows us to speed up the roleplay from time to time.


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