Rowan Beggarsworth: Request [ACCEPTED]

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Rowan Beggarsworth: Request [ACCEPTED]

Post by Aegonian on Thu Oct 20, 2011 4:05 pm

Name: Rowan Beggarsworth

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Description/Picture: Rowan has dark brown hair, green eyes, and stands 1.71 metres high. He wears self-made clothes, which he made using materials gathered from dead people's clothes. He always wears a hood, which hides the scar just above his right eye. His mouth is covered by an old brown scarf.

Personality: Rowan is a cold-hearted, emotionless young man. He has little experience in social contact, and thus, tries to avoid it at all times.

History: Born only a few years prior to World War III, Rowan grew up in a small cottage near London. His parents taught him how to write and read at a very young age: They wanted him to be able to get a job when he got older, but unfortunately, that dream was shattered when his parents were killed by a Foedan bomb which was dropped onto London. At that time, Rowan was only six years old.
Rowan was forced into moving to London's slums, where quickly learned how to survive in the ever-worsening conditions, stealing food, water and weapons at the age of seven.
He made his first kill at the age of eight, after he was caught stealing a piece of bread from a bakery further into London.

Miraculously, although most people in the slums died of the Plague, Rowan never got ill. He saw people die almost every day, but he couldn't care less. For his part, all humans could be killed: They never did him any good anyway.

Starting Inventory:
-Old Backpack, containing:
-Military folding knife.
-Two screwdrivers.
-Several pencils.
-Blank book.
-Gloves with iron knuckles.
-Clothes, as described above.
-Sturdy, but weathered shoes.

Rowan has the strange habit of writing short texts onto pages of his blank book, ripping them out, and discarding them. It is often possible to track him down by reading these discarded pieces of paper, as Rowan often reveals where he is going by writing it down.

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Re: Rowan Beggarsworth: Request [ACCEPTED]

Post by Lunark on Thu Oct 20, 2011 7:41 pm

Accepted! And hurray for cold-blooded people!

And I probably should've mentioned this before, but I had unlocked the roleplay, so anyone can go on it and post stuff! Very Happy

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