Roleplay Lore - The Gordnor

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Roleplay Lore - The Gordnor

Post by Aegonian on Fri Dec 16, 2011 1:03 pm

The Gordnor
Dwarves of Enethea


The Gordnor's origins are mysterious: in some stories, they are said to have been a race of Humes, who bred with ancient Elves. Other stories tell of an ancient Hume cult that worshipped Drevas, god of Deceit. Drevas promised the ancient Humes that he would grant them power beyond their imagination. The Humes were granted greater power, but their agility and speed were taken. When the other Humes found out abut the cult, they cast the cultists into the deeps of Gardevon. There, they evolved into the modern Gordnor.

The Gordnor political system is one which is a consistent of a mixture of hierarchy and democracy. With a ruling family who is challenged for rite of leadership by the general people. Each Kings reaction to this challenge is different but it may cause a civil war. Should such a civil war come about other factions who support either side often get involved to ensure their interests are protected.

The Current leader of the Gordnor, is campaigning to get them recognised as a more respectable force, which is well timed with the other nation's falling into disrepair and also needing to regrow. This is evident by the increased trade the Gordnor are doing with every race, trying to gain enough funds and resources to conquer Daggerhelm, and colonise areas of the Sea of Serpents, so that they may be powerful enough to repel any divided invasion. After all civil war could never happen... right?
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