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The Calender

On Enethea, there are four seasons in a year: Dawn (spring), Sun (summer), Fall (autumn) and Moon (winter). The names spring, summer, autumn and winter are commonly used, too.

The four seasons are split up into two months each, making eight months in total. Every month has 40 days, so a year has 320 days. The months are as following:


== First Seed ==
The first Dawn month, and the first month of the year. Characterised by the first blooming plants.

== Second Seed ==
The second Dawn month. Characterized by little rain, average temperatures, and the blooming of even more plants.

== Sun's Rise ==
The first Sun month. Characterized by high temperatures and little rain.

== Sun's Fall ==
The second Sun month. Characterized by searing temperatures and little to no rain.

== Green Fall ==
The first Fall month. Characterized by the first falling leaves.

== Red Fall ==
The second Fall month. Characterized by red and yellow trees, and the high amount of rainfall.

== Snow's Dawn ==
The first Moon month. Characterized by the first snowfall.

== Snow's Dusk ==
The second Moon month, and the last month of the year. Characterized by freezing temperatures.


The seven days of an Enethean week are, in order:

1. Mondas
2. Tusdas
3. Middas
4. Tordas
5. Findas
6. Endas
7. Sundas


Enethea has known multiple eras:

== First Era ==
The first era began very long ago: so long in fact, that no one knows exactly how many years ago the world was formed. During the first era, the Aezathera were still active on Fonas. The first era came to an end when the world was finished, and the Aeza returned to the Stream.

== Second Era ==
The second era began when the Aeza left Fonas. It was an era of peace, which lasted many thousands of years. The proto-mortals, also known as the Ancients, developed into the two known races of humanoids, the Humes and the Muri, or Elves. It ended when Aedana broke loose from the mainland of Enethea.

== Third Era ==
The third era began with the Fracturing, when Aedana broke loose from Enethea. During this era, the known modern races were formed. It was a short era, which ended with the first ever conflict between Hume and Elf, the battle for Alledas, which was won by the Allmuri.

== Fourth Era ==
The fourth era began with the Battle for Alledas, and marked the beginning of the modern calender. It began 5402 years ago, and ended 4030 years ago, when Alledas was split up into Protodas and Tarnedas.

== Fifth Era ==
The fifth era began with the splitting of Alledas, and the disappearance of the Allmuri, 4030 years ago. It ended with the defeat of the Dhaguran Empire in the Battle for Gridania, 907 years ago.

== Sixth Era ==
The sixth (and current) era began with the defeat of the Dhaguran Empire, and the formation of the Gad'en Ara, 907 years ago.


The notation of dates used on Enethea is as follows:

ee yyyy mm-dd

For example, the roleplay starts at 6E 300 First Seed-1.

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