Roleplay Lore - The Allmuri

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Roleplay Lore - The Allmuri

Post by Aegonian on Sat Jan 14, 2012 8:18 pm

The Allmuri
Enethea's Lost Race


The Allmuri were Elves populating the province of Alledas, which later split up into Protodas and Tarnedas.

Only little is known about the ancient Allmuri race. What is known is that their province, Alledas, was split up into two new provinces as a result of their final civil war. The civil war is said to have killed off almost every Allmuri, and what few survivors remained are said to have died of diseases contracted from living among rotting corpses.
The civil war destroyed almost all Allmuri settlements, leaving behind only piles of stones and a number of small ruins. Allmuri ruins can also be found in other provinces, which means that the Allmuri once populated several provinces, but retreated to Alledas for unknwon reasons: no modern hume or elf has ever met a living Allmuri.


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