Serah Summerfield: Request [ACCEPTED]

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Serah Summerfield: Request [ACCEPTED]

Post by Aegonian on Sun Feb 05, 2012 4:12 pm

Name: Serah Summerfield

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Description/Picture: Serah is a young female, standing 1.64 metres high. She wears a ragged shirt, trousers made and designed by her father, and a pair of sturdy shoes.

Personality: Serah is a charitable youth. She is very caring, and is always urged to help people in need. Even though her world is falling apart, she is able to remain positive, and smiles as often as she can.

History: Born in London only a few years prior to World War III, Serah grew up among the rich. Her father, Leonard Summerfield, was a successful lawyer, who designed and made clothes in his spare time. Her mother, Violet Summerfield, was a successful florist, owning a shop in London.

When the war started, Serah's parents decided to leave their mansion, and head for a bunker just outside the city, which was owned by a friend of the family. There, the Summerfield family survived the Bombardments of London. Serah was educated by her parents all the while, to ensure she could live a nice life when the war was over.
Every once in a while, Serah's parents had to leave the bunker to get some food from a nearby storage, also owned by the friend of the family. All went without problems until one day, her parents did not return from their trip to the storage: whether they were killed, abducted or simply left is still unknown to Serah. When that happened, Serah was 10 years old.

After her parents mysteriously vanished, Serah began making the journey to the food storage herself every few weeks. For seven months, she had to take care of herself. Then, when the food storage had nearly run dry, a mysterious man arrived at the bunker.

This man, covered in old rags held together by a number of strings, had a long, grey beard, long white hair, and was at least 70 years old. When he spotted the now 11 year old Serah, he offered her a piece of bread and a bottle of water. It wasn't long until Serah started seeing him as her 'new father'.
For 9 long years, the two lived together in the bunker, only leaving it to gather supplies. The old man was an ex-marine, and taught little Serah all he knew about defending yourself. She was taught to use fists, knives and guns. The old man's wise words taught Serah to remain positive at all times, which saved their lives more than once.

Not long after Serah turned 21, the man died of old age. Serah buried him not far from the bunker, and marked the grave with a small tower of bricks. She returned to the bunker, took all she could carry, including both her own and the old man's rifles, and left for the city London.

After a number of encounters with bandits and other scum, Serah decided to take refuge in an old two-story house in London. The next day, she met Rowan, wounded, hiding inside a car wreck, and took him to the old house.

Current Inventory:
-Semi-automatic rifle.
-Seven rounds of ammunition.
-An old, broken watch, given to her by the old man.
-Clothes, as described above.


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Re: Serah Summerfield: Request [ACCEPTED]

Post by Lunark on Sun Feb 05, 2012 4:22 pm

Oh, and accepted...

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