Chemical Mangonautics

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Chemical Mangonautics

Post by kingnecromancer on Tue Sep 11, 2012 12:41 am

Welcome to Chemical Mangonautics, or CHEMANGO Resorts and Conferences


Here at CHEMANGO, we stride to offer you the best service for all your vacation needs. We have a magnificent resort set in a far away jungle, Where you and your loved ones may relax and enjoy the dangerous side of nature. Relax in our spa, or party all night in the disco! And if your feeling adventurous, go out at night and hunt the monsters on the island. Here at CHEMANGO, we will not rest untill you are perfectly at ease with life. Come on down to our resorts!Yes, resorts! (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

Chief Executive Officer: Kingnecromancer
Chief Financial Officer: Prof_haxxx
Head Mangonaut: Denedd
Excutive Manager: Releand
Pioneer Hotel manager: Polarnik
Castle Operator: Prof_haxxx


News ticket 10.08.2012: Yay, birth of the news panel!
News ticket 10.08.2012(2): We bought pioneer hotel in alliance city! Come on down, rooms are free until residential area is completed.


Builders, wirers, Multiple hotel staff. Contact Kingnecromancer for details.


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Re: Chemical Mangonautics

Post by Aegonian on Sat Oct 06, 2012 8:04 pm

Congratulations for acquiring the Pioneer Hotel in Alliance City, Sector 1! I hope you will enjoy your purchase!

Also, the area is done! All that needs fixing now are the holes left by the obsidian wall...

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