Ship Database - get your ships added to it now!

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Ship Database - get your ships added to it now!

Post by Aegonian on Sat Nov 16, 2013 8:41 pm

I've recently started keeping a list of known spaceships used by the Alliance and other empires (Theleans, Ventrons, Centens etc.). I still need to add a lot of my ships, but I'd also like to add some of yours!

I'm currently using this template for the description of every ship:


Filled out for the M-ASA Dreadnought, it looks like this (I'll add more info to characteristics, such as size, cargo hold, on-board tech etc.):

Empire: Federal Aeginian Union
Faction: Military-Aeginian Space Agency
Title: M-ASA Avalon
Model: A1 Dreadnought
Type: SOO Heavy Support Ship
Class: Dreadnought
Manufacturer: M-ASA, Enerth Engineering
Signature: #masa01 a1 7081 “AVALON”
Characteristics: Pre-Blast First Aeginian Dreadnought

To explain all the data:
Empire is the empire that the ship belongs to - pretty self-explanatory.
Faction is the fleet or faction the ship belongs to. These are groups that are part of the bigger empire. Examples for the Aegi are the M-ASA. AEG-Corps and FPE (post-Blast).
Model is the ship's model, obviously. This is the model number used by its manufacturer. Examples are: A1 Dreadnought, TZ9 Cruiser, C42 Prototype
Type is the type of ship. Usually, this shows what the general function of the ship is. An overview of some types can be found below.
Class is the ship's class - an overview of classes can be found below.
Manufacturer is the company that designed and built the ship - there can be multiple names in here in case of a cooperative effort.
Signature is the ship's Data Signature - only applies for unique ships, not for general models. I'll explain the meaning of each element below.
Characteristics includes anything that isn't included above. Size, cargo hold, on-board tech, crew size, anything you want to add can be added here. This also includes if the ship was built before or after the Blast.

These are some commonly used ship types:
SOO - Space Operation Only, for ships that cannot land on planets.
IPF - Interplanetary Fighter, for fighters capable of interplanetary flight.
V/STOL - Vertical or Short Take-Off and Landing, for ships which can land and take off vertically, or with a very short landing strip.
VTOL - Vertical Take-Off and Landing, for ships which can land and take off vertically.
CTOL - Conventional Take-Off and Landing, for ships which require a long landing strip for take off and landing.
I'll add more to this list later. If one of your ships doesn't fit any of these types, feel free to suggest a new type, and I'll add it to the database.

For the ship class, refer to this page (which I'll update soon):

For the Data Signature, this is used: #fleet model number "TITLE":
fleet: the fleet the ship is part of. For example, a1 for the First Aeginian Fleet, or aegc42 for the 42nd AEG-Corps fleet.
model: same as the model used earlier, but only the letters and numbers. For example, a1, tz9 etc.
number: the ship's number within the fleet.
"TITLE": the ship's title, as used earlier.

If anything's unclear, please tell me, and I'll try to better explain it!


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