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About Wyvernia:

Wyvernia is the class of the wyverns. Wyverns are very well known for their often aggressive nature, and
of course their usually featherless wings. The class of the wyverns features many of the largest Elithian animals, and often the animals on top of the food chain.


The Faryth outnumberes all other animals on Elithia. They are capable of withstanding extreme temperatures, high altitudes and eternal darkness, which causes them to live all over Elithia's surface. Faryth are wll known for their adaptibility, green scales and flawless hovering.

The Faryth has been sighted in all non-aquatic environments. The largest Faryth population is found in the forests, and the smallest population is found in the Gar-Vulcus.

The Faryth are carnivores which feed on whatever prey they can find. When given the choice between a large variety of prey, they prefer to feed on Nihol. Altough it is capable of bringing down large animals, they prefer to feed on animals of their size or below.

The Faryth are very aggressive in nature, and will attack any who it sees as competition. The Faryth are usually found hunting on their own, but when a Farythian draws near, they will form a pack, with the Farythian as the pack's leader.

Most Faryth have a lenght between one and two meters, but sightings of 5 meter long Faryth have also been made. They are capable of flight, and can even hover using their special biological 'jet engines', which suck in and blow out air at high speeds. When in flight, they can reach an altitude of three kilometers above sea level, and reach speeds of over 200 kilometers per hour. They have an average lifespan of 560 Aerii.
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