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The Dremeton Union of Cities [BB] Empty The Dremeton Union of Cities [BB]

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The Dremeton empire, or more properly Dremeton Union of Cities, is an ensemble of several federated city-states, whose self-designated vocation of protecting nature and peace has become the principal trait. Although the Union is a multi-ethnic nation, the vast majority of the population, 96.82%, is comprised of the Dremeton species, for the simple reason that few races are capable of breathing underwater, the natural environment of the Dremetons.

The Dremeton - biological information:

The Dremeton are an aquatic species native to Elithia, unaffected by the Exothisian, which explains the fact they have no humanoid features, as opposed to the majority of Elithia's land-dwelling sentient species.

They have a streamlined fusiform body, with a fluke to propell them, a dorsal fin for stability and arms which are the evolution of pectoral fins, which permitted them to manipulate the world which surrounded them.

Their vision extends into the infrared section of the electromagnetic spectrum, in addition to a weak perception of the visible spectrum. They also use echolocation to render their environment in three dimensions.

The "crystal" in the middle of their chest is used to measure the water pressure, to adjust their rib cage, which at important depths will close itself to protect the vital organs from the tremendous pressure, while at lower depths it will open to allow more air to be filtered. Effectively, they get oxygen just as land-based creatures do, although they must make the water pass much faster in order to absorb enough oxygen.

And their body has evolved to be dense and resistant enough to dive at depths of several hundreds of meters.

Form of government:

The Dremeton Union is an Oligarchy, led by a Council of 9, where the leaders of the Dremeton city-states sit, and decide of all stately matters. The previous Council leader was Allutha, Overlord of Oaha, and the current Council leader is Oonaui of Dake. The Council originally had only 7 seats, but 2 more have been added since, as the cities  of Sidu'lanta(New territories, Aequitia) and Anta'Sidu'dei and Anta'sidu'de(Kri-Mareas), represented by one person, grew in power and influence. Each Council member has equal power in votes, and decisions must always be taken unanimously. The colonies are an exception, as they have a separate Council, the Council of Systems, where the Colonial leaders sit, and decide of their matters, although the Elithian Council has right of precedence over it, and can overturn it's decisions, as well as ask for votes to take place, while the Council of Systems can only suggest propositions to the Elithian Council.


The Union, although quite inegalitarian in nature, is quite humane in it's policies, as from the beginning of Dremeton civilization, a special emphasis on nature and life has always been at the heart of Dremeton politics. It prones peaceful change, although it can be quite radical when endangered. Specifically, it prones slow, progressive measures, when a nation is at odds with others, or with nature, to attune it with what Dremetons view as "Harmony", that is, cohabitation with all, nature and neighbours. It will never interfere violently in another nation's affairs, and will always try to convince this nation to change itself, at whichever rhythm it prefers.


The Dremeton economy can be caracterized as a basically capitalistic one, albeit with relatively important interference from the state. Anyone desiring to create a company can simply go to the Registering Office and ask for his company to be registered, once a name and a specialty has been decided. Indeed, a Dremeton company must always have a specialty, and will only be allowed to work within this specialty, or possibly expand within other related specialties, but not specialize in a completely different specialty then it's original one.
In Dremeton society, money must always serve a purpose, and thus speculation is not allowed, as it is simply money made by speculating on the fortunes of others. Thus funds for everything come either from the personal funds of oneself or of the employees of a company, or even from a bank, but never by speculation, which has been forbidden for several thousand aerii, due to a catastrophical economic collapse in the distant past.
Similarly, interests are not allowed, as it is money coming from nowhere. If anyone loaning money is to gain money from the transaction he must participate in the endeavour of the person to whom the money is being loaned, usually by a deal stipulated in the contract.
The Dremeton economy is mostly centered around food production, industry, especially shipbuilding, and services, to a lesser extent, as services are usually provided in relation to the two other sectors, albeit not necessarily.


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