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Post by Aegonian on Sat Mar 08, 2014 12:35 pm

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The T.A. is a remnant of proud people, hailing from Vandus Prime far away. They were driven from their homes by the Darkness, and now pledge an oath never to let that happen again.
Mostly made up of an avian-like species called the Jorgasians, whom they call their leader after.

The T.A. itself no longer exists, as their planets of Scii and Athana have collided together due to the Blast. However, many space-stations and outposts on outlying planets still exist. Many of them are now independent havens, self-sufficient. But if their leader would appear again, they would surely follow his/her lead.

The Jorgasians- biological information:

Jorgasians are bipedal creatures, with arms attached to their wings. Without carrying any extra weight than basic clothes, they have the ability to fly, albeit somewhat short distances due to weight. Due to once ruling many planets, multiple races have appeared. In their purest form, they are between an owl and a hawk, sporting snow-white, light brown or light blue plumage due to adaption to colder climates. However, there is a large population of warmer climate races, sporting a wide range of colourful plumage, but rarely with white or light blue plumage. However, all populations retain hawklike feet and a sharp beak, either to eat fish and land animal meat. Suprisingly, they do have molar-like teeth that they use to chew foods like leaves, fruit or mushrooms.

There is no real difference to the Jorgasian species after the blast, other than psychological problems due to a sudden fall of their empire.

Form of government:

The T.A. is, in a short phrase, a constitutional monarchy. A monarch, or matriarch, rules the nation with the highest position. The Monarch can enact any policy they wish, but there is also a large Senate and a smaller, but no less powerful, parliament of nobles. For the most part, the Senate is comprised of representatives of all races and cultures of the nation, with 4 Senators from each group.

While the Senate is comprised of representatives from all areas, the Parliament is run by nobles and extremely wealthy businessmen. The parliament generally has more power, if they can come to a decision, and they are not needed to pass policies due to this. Both the Senate and Parliament can overpower the Monarch's will if need be.

The T.A. itself no longer exists, but remnants of the empire still exist scattered the Scii Aeroix. Many surviving havens and asteroid mining facilities have banded together as independent nations. But if their Monarch were to return, they would join together under one banner.


The people generally are nature loving, due to their evolution from predatory birds dependent on their environment. They generally accept other species and races into their nation, as they treat outsiders are equals.





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