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Post by Aegonian on Tue Oct 19, 2010 8:37 pm

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The Eriixans are a race shrouded in mysteries, who were brought to Elithia by the crash of a mysterious Xorg slaveship.
They are renowned for their amazing abilities to morph their own DNA at will.
After the blast that shook the entire galaxsphere, the Erixians have evolved into something much different. They are now a militaristic race of highly intelligent scientists. They still have the ability to morph their DNA at will, however.

The Erixa - biological information:
The Erixians are bipedal creatures that have a tendency to crawl on all fours. Their DNA is encrypted with an extremely rare code of genes that allows them to morph themselves to their environment. This allows them to survive in the most divergent environments, on varying planets. Now, their bodies have adapted to the desert, featuring yellow colours to mimic the sands, and many predatory tools to catch their prey.
The Erixians are bipedal creatures. Their DNA is encrypted with an extremely rare code of genes that allow them to morph themselves to their environment. This allows them to survive, and thrive, in the most divergent environments, on varying planets. Now, their bodies have adapted to an incredibly hot environment, and lack of nutrients forces them to create their own. They feature red colors to mimic the fiery temperature, and black colors due to a pigment similar to chlorophyll. Working of of this, their bodies have developed small extruding figments that absorb solar energy and turn it into energy.

Form of government:
The Erixians have a very interesting form of government. Leadership is divided into 4 different tiers: The Science Leader, the Military Leader, the Economic Leader, and the Diplomatic Leader. They each occupy their own stream but lead the government equally. A new leader is picked every 15 years. Under the 4 leaders, are their "ministers". Each leader has 5 minister, each being responsible for their own stream of interest.

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Military:  The Erixian military is based of the notion that technological superiority overcomes numbers and strength. One of their single most valuable weapons is Ravenium (see below). The Erixian military is relatively strong compared to it's neighbors, displaying combat prowess in tactical simulations. However their drawback is that the military is both small and expensive, resulting in mainly defensive units deployed around the perimeters.  

In most cases, an Erixian ship is biological, allowing for greater interface between the pilot and the systems.One notable exception is the Orbital Bombardment Cannon, which is biological but is plated in metal.
Also known as Element 616, Ravenium is the most closely guarded secret of Erixian society. Nuclear war is the only recourse for another civilization who even attempts to replicate Ravenium or steal it's isotope formula.

The reason Ravenium is not easily replicable is that there is only one stable isotope and it's numbers is in the thousands.  Despite all it's seemingly magical properties, Ravenium simply interacts with other elements on a higher dimension and displaying the effects back on the third. The formation of Ravenium was stolen from the Xorg and was one of the reasons the Erixians were being shipped off in the first place. Ravenium itself is the least potent of a family of Elements known as "Dimensional elements".
The uses of Ravenium are vast, from medicine to building to energy to nuclear capabilities. It is estimated that a Ravenium warhead has a yield of approximately 1,000 Megatons of TNT.


The Erixian Republic was founded out of the remains of a crashed Xorg Slave-ship shuttling them past Elithia but an EMP created by one of the prisoners disabled the systems and allowed the prisoners to crash it into the surface of Elithia. They salvaged what they could and formed a colony in the desert. Over a period of minutes their gun-metal gray skin turned yellow and the electric rods on their heads morphed into poisonous glands.

They participated in several events but when the blast threatened the Galaxsphere they constructed an evacuation ship similar in design to the Slave-ship they were brought in.  They reached a short distance before the blast, which disintegrated key parts of the ship sending tens of thousands floating to their deaths. Luckily, the ship's A.I. and a small percentage of the passengers survived and went into cryo-sleep as they slowly drifted back to Elithia at (exactly, as recorded by the A.I) 3 millimeters per minute.

Eventually, after 2000 years they finally got back to Elithia which allowed them to open communications with the survivors who had now just recently developed their space fairing abilities, and they managed to come to a halt on Hexagon, which they have now claimed as their home and to this date operate from.
Long live the Erixian Republic.
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Post by kingnecromancer on Fri May 17, 2013 2:49 am

I updated this thread with some info, please read it! Very Happy

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