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The Spiritian Empire [BB] Empty The Spiritian Empire [BB]

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The Spiritians are a military, industrious mining race with a knack for cleverness and speed, as well as unmatched swordsmanship. There are few Spiritian teachers and writers, but those that there are are superior to many.

The Spiritians - biological information:

Spiritian ancestors were called Fel`Spiritian. They were very wise, but were unable to defend themselves from predators. They are now extinct. Spiritian cousins were called Niasprin. They are similar to they Spiritian, but with different coloring, less military and more diplomatic. Niasprin like the Fel`Spiritian have been lost long ago to a perilous war.

Form of government:

The Spiritians have made a cyborg-creature to live alongside them. They can have no place in government. Mostly they just work in the military and in the mines.

The government is run by a High Council, with representatives from all colonies and smaller councils. Here is the High Council:

Ghost Note –Ambassador
Solar Yee –Sec. of Treasury
Bis Yeom –Sec. of Agriculture
Flin Rider –Sec. of Industry
Knok Tuse –Sec. of Defense
Aeron Eon –Sec. of Attack
Floral Beetn –Head of Economic Council
Xis^Speer –Head of Peace Corps Council and Great Philosopher
Sno Note –Head of Military Council and Ghost Note’s Brother

Here are the 3 smaller councils:

Military Council~
Sno Note –Head
Lae Fong –Navy
Niot Undin –Air Force
Fason N`Jain –Land Forces
Lao Ret –Spacial Forces

Economic Council~
Floral Beetn –Head
Robin Skote –Trade
Di`Gum Wedge –Mining
Nult Shent –Factory
Wan Estab –City Management

Peace Corps Council~
Xis^Speer –Head
Encendio Wun –Unity
Abra Gor`Fu –Poverty
Dr. Yva Corane –Lead Doctor
Finok`Calapi Ken –Military Advisor

There are also some organizations important to life for the Spiritians.

Spiritian Exploration Corps (SEC)~
Takes care of exploring new aeroixes and planets, but doesn’t colonize them.

Spiritian Scientific Corps (SSC)~
Ventures around taking samples and experimenting in various planets and aeroixes.

Remembrance Squad~
Elite warriors feared everywhere. There are 100 Spiritians in it.


[excerpt from The Book of Life by Xis^Speer]
“If you are threatened, does that man not mean you harm? If an arrow is shot at you, shoot two arrows back. It is good to be hardworking in the factory, and to drill to the depths of planets, cleaning out all obtainable minerals, followed by those unobtainable. It is important to be schooled and clever, if only slightly so. You must know how to survive. War is not bad, but peace is good and what you must strive for. If you are in a war, than you will fight and win, then secure peace once more. None shall survive the Spiritian sword and scepter, but those whom it trusts and trusts it. This is the Spiritian way of life…” ~Xis^Speer


Mining various rocks and minerals on planets and off is vital to the economy. They are very industrious, but with hardly any sense of agriculture. They don’t have much education, but are wise. They are very military, but understand peace greatly. There cities consist of factories, built up defenses, and walls. But the cities are clean, and the factories low-polluted. They mine a LOT, and the mines are very safe, but go deeper than most any other.

Their currency is called the Riw, and there are Hi-Riw (0.5 Riw), Qi-Riw (0.25 Riw), and Si-Riw (0.01 Riw). There are one-hundred Si-Riws in a Riw.


The Military of the Spiritians is very important to culture and lifestyle.
Major Space Stations(4):

Rank: 10
Legion: 100
Regiment: 1000
Battalion: 10000

1)Shadow 1
2)Shadow 2
3)Shadow 3
4)Shadow 4
(All under construction, 1 and 2 almost finished!!!)

Minor Space stations- 30.
Exploration Class Fire- 75,000
Exploration Class Hydra- 300,000
Defense Turret- 7,500
Sub- 4,000
Dropship- 800,000
Space Patroller- 400,000
Colony Rover- 10,000
Spir Defense- 10,000
Sea Glider- 5,000
Colony Explorer- 125,000
Scientific Vessels- 5,000


1) Spirit 1

Capitol Ships (3/4 km long) [4]:

1) Resistance
2) Vertigo
3) Revelation
4) Fiesta

More of most things are constantly being produced.


Spir was a colony on Elithia when the discovery of other species was made. Then the Spiritians on Spir somehow lost communication with other colonies and their homeworld, and were abandon. They refuse to be considered the same species as those traitors, and it is good that they are literally on the other side of the universe. Somehow, Spir’s technology was wiped out in a natural disaster of sorts. Their traditions are still similar. Spir has aligned and expanded with several other Elithian species.
High Centens
High Centens

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