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Post by Aegonian on Fri Apr 29, 2011 1:01 pm

Mayors, or direct assistants of mayors, can post threads about their villages/towns here. These threads should include at least one picture of your village, a description, a motto and possibly a list of villagers.
Villages use the flag of their nation.

Kings (mayors of a nation's (=faction) capital city) should post a thread about their faction/nation here as well. These threads should include a list of villages, a description, a motto and possibly a list of people who are part of your nation.
Upon approval of the thread, I will sticky the nation's thread. If declined, the king will have to redesign it.
Nations need a flag. A picture of your flag must be posted here as well. Dimensions must be either 32x64 or 64x64. I will have to accept or decline a flag. If accepted, I will add the flag to both of our texture packs' painting files. If declined, a new flag should be chosen. If a flag does not need any mayor changes, I may make the new flag.

Threads not about villages or nations will be deleted. Double threads will be deleted as well, threads about ghost towns will be locked.


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