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Roleplay rules

Post by Aegonian on Mon Apr 26, 2010 4:01 pm

A few rules for the Elithian Alliance Roleplay:

-Do not edit someone else's storyline, unless that member has given you permission to do so. Asking permission should go by PM.

-No God-like species please, unless permitted by Aegonian. This means no invincible species, no species with incredible unnatural powers and such.

-If you are new to the roleplay, please act as a fairly new empire as well. This means that you can't invent extremely high-tech spacecraft and other devices at once.

-Do not destroy someone else's species, unless permitted by it's ruler. Don't destroy someone else's homeplanet either, unless permitted.

-Elithia, the main planet of the storyline, along with other highly important planets may not be destroyed. They can be damaged though, and disasters as huge earthquakes, invasions and meteor impacts are possible.

-Please be realistic. If your species is going to build a Dreadnought or another huge structure, this will take a while. Do note that one Earth-day is equal to four days in the roleplay, to make things go a little faster.
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