Roleplay Lore - The Akantha

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Roleplay Lore - The Akantha

Post by Aegonian on Tue Dec 13, 2011 3:53 pm

The Akantha
The world of ---

The Akantha is the main creation of the Aezathera: It is the world as it is known to all creatures, both mortal and immortal. It includes the realms of both the living and the dead, and even the Stream, where the Aezathera reside, is part of Akantha.

The Stream

The Stream (Elvish: Strad Gad'e) is the legendary realm of the Aezathera (the 'Gods'). Nothing is known of its appearance, but legends speak of a place that is perfection itself, and appears differently to all. To the Bomur, it is likely to appear as an infinite forest, whereas the Gordnor may experience it as the greatest cavern ever to exist.

Fonas, the Realm of the Living

Fonas is the physical world, where all living beings reside. It is often displayed as a sphere, but its true form is unknown.
Enethea is the major Fonasian landmass, with Aedana being one of the few known smaller landmasses. Enethea's main population is made up of the Elves, the Humes, and the Beasts, although the Spirits of other realms are also known to visit Fonas every once in a while.
Enethea is dived into six provinces: Gaekylha, Rhahinelm, Dhagura, Gardevon, Protodas and Tarnedas. - Map will be created later -
Gaekylha is home to many races: Bomur, Aeduri and Gordnor all call this province their home. Its landscape is as varied as its inhabitants, for it houses both deserts, forests and tundras.
Rhahinelm is basically a giant forest, south of Gaekylha. At its core stands the Great Mother Tree, Boma d'Ura. It is the original home of the Bomur.
Dhagura lies to the west of Gaekylha, and it is known for its enormous plains and fields, with a number of large forests, and one mountain, the World Spike. It is home to the Draton.
Gardevon is a dry and mountainous province south of Rhahinelm. It is the original home of the Gordnor, but the Great Quake drove most dwarves to the north.
Protodas is the eastern half of the former Alledas, where the legendary Allmur came from. The Allmuri War divided Alledas into two parts, Protodas and Tarnedas. The war is said to have killed all Allmuri, and now, the two provinces are home only to the Beasts of Fonas.

Dragas, the Realm of the Dead

Dragas is the world where the spirits of the deceased reside. It is split up into many sub-realms, the so called 'Gesas'. A few of the many known Gesas are:
Gesa of the Woods (Bomuri: Gesa Fora): This Gesa is where most Bomur go when they die. The spirits here reside in the Hall of Lan'egad, god of the Hunt. The honourable Bomur are free to hunt on the Eternal Hunting Fields.
Gesa of the Spirits (Aeduri: Gesa des Saelo): This is where many Aeduri go upon their deaths. Here, they become one with the arcane powers of Saegal, the goddess of Spirituality.
Gesa of Glory: The Gesa of Glory is where the honourable Draton go. The spirits here reside in the Hall of Paltos, god of Power. The Draton here feast forever, at an infinitely long dining table.
Gesa of Labour: This Gesa is where most Gordnor go to upon death. It is an infinitely large crystal cavern, where the Gordnor can mine forever.


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