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The Aezathera
Gods of Enethea

The Aezathera (or Aeza, for short) are god-like beings who participated in the creation of the world. They are often worshipped by mortals, and are able to interact with the mortal world.
There are many hundreds of Aezathera, but the most well-known are listed here:

The Seven Athanons

- Continev, Aeza of Time
The chief Athanon, Continev rules over the flow of time. He is the most powerful of all Aeza, and is associated with both time and light. His symbol is the Clock.

- Ender, Aeza of Might
An Aeza many consider to be evil, Ender is one of the seven most powerful Aeza. He is associated with dark magic, bloodshed and apocalypses. His symbol is the Eye of Ender.

- Panafor, Aeza of Life
Panafor is the Aeza of life, and controls the life cycles of mortals. He is associated with the forests of Enethea, and his symbol is the fresh Sapling.

- Atesal, Aeza of the Skies
Atesal is the Aeza controlling the skies. She is also associated with weather, and she said to gift those who worship her with favourable weather. Her symbol is the Ghast's Tear.

- Hathera, Aeza of the Arcane
Also known as the Aeza of knowledge, Hathera can grant mortals with unimaginable knowledge. He also controls the forces of (light) magic. His symbol is the Book.

- Daratos, Aeza of Work, Commerce and Wealth
This Aeza is usually worshipped by craftsmen and merchants, and is able to grant mortals incredible fortunes. His symbol is the Golden Apple.

- Sethava, Aeza of Love
Sethava is the Aeza of love and well-being. She is able to cure any disease, and grants mortals strength through marriage. Her symbol is the Rose.

Other Aezathera

Drevas, Aeza of Deceit
A minor Aeza known to offer mortals tempting pacts, often offering power for loved ones. He is said to be involved in the creation of the Gordnor.

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